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This handsome guy joined our herd in 2018. Tatonka came from a feedlot auction from Oklahoma. At the time, Tatonka was a stallion but you'd never be able to tell given his sweet, puppy dog demeanor. 

He's since become a gelding and has remained a total sweetheart. His navicular diagnostic currently limits him to light riding, but his kind and gentle demeanor makes him a great lead horse.



Arabian / Mustang Cross

Whiskey has been with us since October 2008. Whiskey came from a rescue situation from the Grass Valley area. He was the first untouched horse Gabby trained.

Whiskey's slow and comfortable gaits and calm demeanor has made him a favorite at the ranch. He has taught many children how to ride, including Gabby's sons.    



Quarter Horse

Girl Star joined our family in 2017. Like her herd mates, she also came from an auction feedlot based in Oklahoma. 

Star was most likely used as a broodmare prior to coming to us. She guards our goats with the same level of attention she would give a foal. Her favorite things to do are sun bathing and removing her herd mate's fly masks.  

Star is gentle and patient but her faster gaits make her an ideal intermediate level horse. 




Dolly joined our family in 2016. Dolly was passed around through livestock auctions in Louisiana, followed by Oklahoma. Dolly came to us extremely ill, fighting a severe and chronic case of pneumonia. The scars on her body tell of a rough life. It took a few months to get her going but Dolly is now a very healthy, happy and fat little horse.

Dolly is truly a sweetheart and always wants to please. Her small stature and laid-back attitude make her a good beginner level horse. She is a bit on the lazy side which will be helpful in developing and refining her riders cues. She also gives the best kisses. 




Karadjoe (Joe) was my first horse. A terrible fit at the time given that I was an intermediate rider and Joe was a green broke, proud cut gelding. Our first couple of years were adventurous, fast (literally), sometimes painful (also literally) and challenging. Definitely not the first horse experience you would expect or want someone to have but looking back, I wouldn't change anything. 

We shared 22 years together. Joe was with me through high school, undergrad, graduate school, marriage, my children being born. He taught my husband to ride (or I should say hang on).  

We went on countless adventures together from endurance competitions, to the show rink, to an endless number of trail miles in the mountains, the beach and everywhere in between. He wasn't an easy horse to ride with his long and powerful strides but he always had a great attitude, gave his all and took care of his rider. He was a great horse and is surely missed. 

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